Accounting tutorial

An overview of accounting principles.


Welcome to the QuickEasy software accounting tutorial.

This section of our website is aimed at non-accountants.

We’ve made it for people with very little background in accounting theory but who want to learn. And want to do so as quickly as possible. You may be a business owner, general administrative staff, or anyone else who wants to understand accounting. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you want a quick and easy guide to accounting, you’re in the right place.

We will start with a birds eye view first, looking at details as we progress to the end of this tutorial. In the first few chapters we’ll be looking at financial statements and thereafter more closely at more practical aspects toward the end.

In this tutorial we are using the word ‘accounting’ in the sense that most non-accountants understand it. That is, accounting is the task of collecting and sorting an organisation’s financial information.

At all times we will keep to plain and simple English.

The goal of accounting

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BOS accounting module

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Assets, liabilities and equity

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