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Using ERP for 20/20 Business Vision for 2020

2020 business vision

By Heinrich van der Vyver As the year comes to a close, every organisation and business leader would give anything to have clarity and insight into the year ahead. Knowing what decisions to make, what products to maximise and which to halt, who to promote and who to let go, what gaps to fill, and…

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The Four Phases of Successful ERP System Implementation

Here are the phases that your Business Agent will take your company through as they implement BOS in your business. The successful implementation of your ERP system will be done in four phases. This overall plan will ensure the agent communicates early, regularly, and effectively with users and stakeholders to ensure successful adoption of the…

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What Should I Do if My Business has Outgrown Me?

What to do if business outgrown you

By Heinrich van der Vyver – As seen in Entrepreneur Magazine.   If you’re reading this and thinking, “Yes, I’m there right now!” then first of all, congratulations. Your business is thriving and in this economy that is a testament to your vision, your drive, and your team. Well done. However, you might also feel less…

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Cloud ERP vs on-premise ERP: an objective comparison

by ERP Focus Which method of accessing your ERP is best?  The answer…it depends. Here are several key areas to consider when deciding between cloud and on-premise deployment for your software. Servers Cloud ERP systems are deployed on servers managed by your ERP provider. You rent space for your data and the provider keeps it safe…

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Five things management must consider for ERP implementation

become your own boss

By ERP Focus So, you’re ready to implement a new ERP or upgrade your existing solution. But have you planned for how you’ll manage solution requirements to ensure a successful project? Without a strategic approach to requirements management, most organizations will struggle with meeting the needs of its stakeholders; resulting in organizational disruption, delays, and…

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Business Accounting Simplified

business accounting software

by Heinrich van der Vyver Like you, I’m not an accountant, I’m a business owner. Accounting scared me spitless if I’m perfectly honest. I know my business, and I’m good at it. I used to think it was a better idea to farm out my accounting to my expensive accountants, and let them do what…

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How to successfully transition from Startup to SME

business accounting

The South African climate has long been fertile ground for startups and entrepreneurs. With incubators and accelerators for almost every industry, funders constantly in search of viable businesses to invest in, and government doing their bit, South Africans are no strangers to startups. So why is that, according to, even with all the incubators…

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Survive the pre-Christmas madness


In just a few weeks, South Africans will tuck into turkey dinners, wear paper hats and probably blow their budgets. Yes, Christmas is around the corner – and with it, lucrative trading opportunities. With the pre-Christmas rush in full swing for retailers and manufacturers, there is probably one thing that keeps business owners awake at…

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