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Case Study Bidvest Digital: Grant Potgieter – “We needed to improve our overall workflow processes…”

bidvest digital

Grant Potgieter: GM

We installed QuickEasy after multiple meetings and discussions with Vesco.

Vesco immediately understood our challenges and was able to show us solutions in QuickEasy to alleviate these.

The intention was to improve our overall workflow processes and systems to ensure a smoother flow from beginning to end – QuickEasy has lived up to its promises given us that solution!

Not only has Quick Easy sorted out many of the workflow issues but it has also proven to be the a very simple and user friendly system to work with whereas other software’s we have previously worked with always seemed to be cumbersome.
It has been a pleasure working with Vesco on this project and albeit we are nowhere near our end point of what we are aiming to achieve we are certainly leaps and bounds ahead of where we were before we implemented QuickEasy

It really has made our workflow processes – Quick & Easy!