Business accounting software

BOS gives you 100% transparency and absolute clarity into your accounting.

In fact, BOS pretty much does everything your accountant does - just faster and for less.

BOS accounting software for SMEs - from R550 per month*

As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to spend your time trying to figure out how to use your accounting software on top of running your business!

QuickEasy’s business accounting software is created for business owners, with all the functionality you would expect to find in other accounting packages, but in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand package.


*Monthly cost of a multi-user license. Explore pricing.

What does QuickEasy BOS business accounting do?

Import bank receipts automatically.
Automatic statement reminders ensure you enjoy quicker payments.
Mini-statement with every invoice.
Notes to make up-to-date comments on customer accounts.
One-click age analysis to all creditors.
General Ledger to capture all income and expenses with ease.
Send bulk e-mail batches to save time and costs.
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, VAT come built-in.

What you can expect from BOS.


  • Leads and sales
  • Accurate estimates
  • Stock control
  • Order and job tracking
  • Invoice and accounting
  • Reports and MIS

Easy and friendly

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Keep all your data
  • Quick to install
  • Customisable
  • Helpdesk support

Grows with you

  • Scales with ease
  • One user or multi-user
  • Fits any size business
  • Minimal disruption
  • Never have to purchase another ERP again

More profitable

  • Save on staff
  • Save on purchases
  • Reduce waste and loss
  • Increase sales
  • Affordably monthly subscriptions

What our clients say about BOS.

"Excellent software" - Anton Botha - CEO and Founder Bevan Printing Group

Simple really; QuickEasy has made our lives easier with a system that is quick and controls all aspects of our business. It gives management the ability to follow all or individual jobs that are date stamped allowing bottleneck situations or poor performers to be highlighted.

This allows problem areas to be rectified before becoming a problem to our Clients.

Excellent software thanks.

"Stable and reliable" - John Bekker - FD USS Graphics

As the name implies - Quick and Easy!

This software is easy to customize to our requirements.

Stable, reliable and consistent functionality across all modules we employ.

"Reliable and easy to use" - Drikkie Visser, InterTekens

We have been dealing with Quickeasy for at least 10 years.

This program has been an integral part of our success over the past 10 years.

The system is reliable and easy to use.

"Transformed my business" - Amanda Rabinowitz, JellyBean Events

QuickEasy Software has transformed my business.

From doing manual transactions to having a system, I can now work ON my business instead of IN my business.

"Call Centre is invaluable"  -  Jerome Morkel - Managing Director and Owner Tandym Print

Tandym Print has used QuickEasy since 2010 for quotes, PO's, Delivery Notes, and Stock Control.

Their solutions suit our company needs, and the call-centre is invaluable.

"Friendly and professional" - Victor van Dyk, FaserCom

The QuickEasy team's ability to customize the system to suit any business is one of their greatest strengths.

The team is friendly, professional and always ready to help.

"Efficient and user-friendly" - Grant Benyon, Valmac Printers

At Valmac we find QuickEasy to be an efficient, user friendly, practical solution for our needs.

We use BOS for estimating, stock control, costing, invoicing and scheduling.

"Complete software package" - Gary Lawrence, Fineline Printing

We wanted a complete software package to compliment our products and processes at Fineline Print Solutions.

QuickEasy has worked with us to achieve our goals.

"An integral part of our success" - Kappa Engineering

During 2017 we experienced a growth, but that growth was not possible without the support of QuickEasy BOS.

You formed an integral part of our success.

Thank you for the outstanding service provided to Kappa Engineering and for making 2017 a great year.

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