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Safe, simple steps to ensure a great installation.

Changing business software or MIS, or even moving on to one for the first time can be a very challenging process.

Fortunately with QuickEasy BOS, installing your new business software is a simple procedure and, in most cases, we’re able to have you up and running, producing trusted and personalised quotations, within a day or two.

Our consultants will systematically guide you through the business software installation, and document your new procedures. They will also provide you with reports and dashboard indicators to measure the progress of the installation.

Be prepared.

An outline of what to prepare.

  • Company: Enter your company contact information, staff details and update the global settings.
  • Customers/suppliers: QuickEasy can import your customer and supplier lists from your existing estimating or accounting package, if you are using one.
  • Cost centres: Divide your company into logical production cost centres, enter the direct costs of each cost centre and set the productive working hours to calculate the hourly rates.
  • Materials: Enter all the material list prices (supplier catalogues) you use in your company and adjust them with your discount structures. Printing companies can import current paper price lists from all the South African paper merchants.
  • Services: Enter all the internal and outsourced Services used in your company. Services can be categorised into logical production stages, eg. Pre-press, Printing, Finishing, etc. Internal services are linked to cost centres and contain production information like make-ready times, run speeds and consumable costs as well as the setup and run waste parameters of linked materials. Outsourced services are linked to suppliers and contain the setup, unit and minimum costs that are charged for the service.
  • Printing: If you’re a printer, you will also need to update the list of standard printing sections you use in your company. Flexographic printers will need to capture a list of their standard dies, matched to the cylinder sets they keep in stock.
  • Templates: QuickEasy will personalise all your document templates with full colour headers and footers from your supplied artwork.
  • History: If you are upgrading from another system, QuickEasy can import your old quotations and orders and make them available to you as a searchable report.

Once these setups are complete you are ready to do a number of comparative quotations which can guide you to set your standard markups and commissions to market related levels.

Management should consider these 5 realistic requirements for a successful ERP implementation. Read more here.

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