BOS ERP Case Studies

Find out how BOS ERP systems solved business challenges in production, processes, and ultimately, profit, in these case studies of some of our clients.


Case Study FairStep: Brian Fairbanks – “Our estimating programme was cumbersome…”

Brian Fairbanks When Fairstep bought Disc Express, we were a repro company, our only print experience being our dealing with Printers, as suppliers of plates and roofs. Disc Express was using an estimating programme which, was not only cumbersome, but it could not fulfil our very basic requirements. A client recommended Quickeasy to me, and,…

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Case Study ZeroPlus: Gary van Dyk – “I needed software with proper reporting, estimating and…”

Gary van Dyk – MD First i needed software that has proper reporting for me to be able to start measuring things so that i can make informed decisions. I got that from QuickEasy. Then I needed speed to have an estimate back to the customer in no time. Got that from QuickEasy. I was looking…

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bidvest digital

Case Study Bidvest Digital: Grant Potgieter – “We needed to improve our overall workflow processes…”

Grant Potgieter: GM We installed QuickEasy after multiple meetings and discussions with Vesco. Vesco immediately understood our challenges and was able to show us solutions in QuickEasy to alleviate these. The intention was to improve our overall workflow processes and systems to ensure a smoother flow from beginning to end – QuickEasy has lived up…

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