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Case Study FairStep: Brian Fairbanks – “Our estimating programme was cumbersome…”

Brian Fairbanks

fairstepWhen Fairstep bought Disc Express, we were a repro company, our only print experience being our dealing with Printers, as suppliers of plates and roofs.

Disc Express was using an estimating programme which, was not only cumbersome, but it could not fulfil our very basic requirements.

A client recommended Quickeasy to me, and, as they say in the classics, the rest is history.

The installation was, from Quickeasy’s point of view, ‘complicated’. We were supplying plates, film and digital proofs to printers and agencies all over the Cape Town area, as well as being printers ourselves.

The installation team, of which Jody was a member, stuck with it and us, they were professional and patient, explaining the application and adapting it to our needs, not the other way around.

That support has not diminished either, with each upgrade full  training is provided. Servers are updated after hours with no loss of productivity to us.

The programme is stable and is more than adequate for our needs – which have grown from our very basic needs in the early days, to being printers handling complex jobs with many facets, sections and processes combined.

I cannot recommend them enough.