Data Pipelines


You use Data Pipelines to access data that needs to be displayed on the document - ie. it connects the template to the QuickEasy database. The Data Pipelines can be viewed in the Data Tree in the top right of the form designer. The Data Tree lists the pipelines grouped according to module.

Each Data Pipeline contains a list of fields. These fields are displayed in the panel below the Data Tree and can be dragged directly onto a Template.

We recommend that you always preview a Template, in the module for which it has been created, before you open the Form Designer - this ensures that all the Data Pipelines and their corresponding fields are visible in the Data Tree.

QuickEasy Data Pipelines

Following is a summary of the Data Pipelines that are typically used on templates that print from Transactions:


Data PipelineDescription
My_CompanyMy company details for use on document headers and footers
Active_UserThe User who is logged into QuickEasy
Trans_AllTransaction Header - lists all the open Transactions
Trans_RecTransaction Header - lists the selected Transaction only
Trans_CompanyCustomer/Supplier - lists details for the selected Transaction
Trans_ContactContact - lists contact details for the selected Transaction
Trans_AssignToAssigned to - lists Assigned to details for the selected Transaction
Trans_RepSales Rep - lists Rep details for the selected Transaction
Trans_CAADisplays the Ageing for the Customer on the selected Transaction
Items_AllTransaction Items - lists all the Items for the selected Transaction
Items_RecTransaction Item - lists the selected Transaction Item only
Items_NoteDisplays the Note for the selected Item
Est_Qty_PriceEstimate Qty and Price details for the selected Item
Est_FinishingEstimate Services for the selected Item
Est_MaterialEstimate Materials for the selected Item
Est_OutworkEstimate Outwork details ffor the selected Item
Est_Outwork_PricesSupplier Prices for the selected Outwork Item
Est_SummaryEstimate Price Summary for the selected Item
Est_DescEstimate Description for the selected Item
Est_SpecEstimate Specification (Applicable to Estimate types only)
Est_Images_RecEstimate Images for the selected Item
Est_Images_AllEstimate Images for all the Items on the selected Transaction
Est_Mat_by_CompGroup Materials on an Estimate at detail level by Component