Debtors - Automated Payment Reminders

QuickEasy automatically takes care of the most important (and often tedious) accounting tasks faced by companies. With a few clicks, you are able to e-mail personalised Payment Reminders to all your customers that have outstanding accounts.

Information like the company name, contact person, amounts outstanding, etc. are automatically extracted from the Age Analysis and merged into the e-mail messages.

Why Automated Debtors Functionality Saves Me Money


A typical business will employ a highly-skilled bookkeeper or accountant to manage the accounts. There might even be a debtors clerk, or debtors department, processing receipts from the bank, sending statements to clients (printing them, folding them individually, placing in an envelope and sending to clients - amazingly arduous), calling customers to ensure they are prepared for the coming invoice, and then calling to follow up that they have received it. All of this before monthend!

QuickEasy BOS handles all of this with ease, so that you can allocate your resources effectively, save money and use your time more wisely.

QuickEasy's Accounts Module does the following:

  • Imports receipts from the bank on a daily basis - automatically!
  • Produces a mini-statement at the bottom of each invoice for ease of reference.
  • Runs an age-analysis to all creditors so you can send statements with one click.
  • Emails your invoices in bulk batches so you save time and money.
  • Statement reminders are automatically sent to clients to ensure invoices are paid on time.
  • Notes can be linked to reminders so that you always know what the last agreed payment term was, and a reminder can be set to that date.

Ultimately, QuickEasy BOS frees you to allocate expensive resources more efficiently, while it helps you get on with the business of growth.

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