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eastern europe erp
eastern europe ERP

Vesco Milkov

Business Development Manager

Tel. +359 89 513 8843


ERP Software Consult EOOD (Ltd)

Sofia, Bulgaria

We are well positioned to efficiently service clients in Bulgaria and its surrounding countries, such as Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Poland and Czech Republic to name a few.

Pricing - Monthly subscriptions.


BOS License: EUR 45 per user (excl VAT).

What your monthly subscription includes.

  • No lock-ins or contracts; you get it all with your monthly subscription.
  • Immediate access to all modules
  • Friendly Helpdesk support
  • Access to upgrades
  • Paper price updates from all the regional and national paper suppliers.

Cloud Servers.


Monthly cost in EURO (excl VAT)




 M Server
 L Server
 XL Server
 2XL Server
 3XL Server
 4XL Server


Cloud User Licenses (excl. VAT)
Winflector @ EUR 4 per user/month

Safe, simple steps to ensure a great installation.

Changing business software or MIS, or even moving on to one for the first time can be a very challenging process.

Fortunately with QuickEasy BOS, installing your new business software is a simple procedure and, in most cases, we’re able to have you up and running, producing trusted and personalised quotations, within a day or two.

Our consultants will systematically guide you through the business software installation, and document your new procedures. They will also provide you with reports and dashboard indicators to measure the progress of the installation.


An outline of what to prepare.

  • Company: Make sure you have all your company contact information, admin documentation, and staff details.
  • Customers/suppliers: QuickEasy can import your customer and supplier lists from your existing estimating or accounting package, if you are using one.
  • Cost centres: Divide your company into logical production cost centres. Make sure you know the direct costs of each cost centre, as well as the productive working hours. Our agents can assist you.
  • Materials: Provide your material list prices (supplier catalogues) and any discount structures. Printing companies can import current paper price lists from all the South African paper merchants.
  • Services: List all the internal and outsourced Services used in your company.
  • Printing: If you’re a printer, you will also need the list of standard printing sections you use in your company. Flexographic printers will need to capture a list of their standard dies, matched to the cylinder sets they keep in stock.
  • Templates: QuickEasy will personalise all your document templates with full colour headers and footers from your supplied artwork.
  • History: If you are upgrading from another system, QuickEasy can import your old quotations and orders and make them available to you as a searchable report.

If you are prepared, the setup process will go smoothly with minimal disruption. Once BOS has been installed, your business agent will train you and your team on how to use BOS in the various roles and functions of the business.

Management should consider these five realistic requirements for a successful ERP implementation. Read more here.

Training and On-Site Support

On-Site Support and Training.

Our distribution partner offers on-site support and training in and around the United Arab Emirates and GCC Countries.

  • On-Site Support and Training – EUR 45 per hour.

Remote support and training.

Using the secure, password-protected Teamviewer platform, our consultants can install and train you and your team remotely. This is charged at a lower rate than onsite training.

BOS online documentation.

Want to know more about the software and how it works? Our extensive online documentation can will have what you’re looking for, and can be accessed by clicking the following link:

Save on costs, improve on business.

QuickEasy BOS is an investment in the longevity of your business.

Improve lead management.
If your sales rep is not capturing their leads, you will lose all their data when they leave. BOS keeps all prospects, leads and customers on your own database – locking those potential earnings forever into your business.
Improve purchasing.
Considering that a manufacturer’s purchases easily make up 40% of turnover, even a small improvement in buying causes you to recover your monthly subs, and more.
Improve sales and conversions.
If you do not quote quickly and accurately and follow up on quotes on time,  you are losing jobs. At just one extra small job per month and you have recovered your monthly subs, and gained a happy customer.
Reduce human error.
With QuickEasy BOS there is zero risk of duplication, at any point in the process, protecting your business and your investment.
More efficient production.
Even a small improvement in production management, justifies the affordable monthly subscriptions against the streamlined and improved production capacity, and your bottom line.
Reduce cost of staff.
QuickEasy BOS radically improves efficiency, and reduces overall time to produce an accurate quote or manage admin, so you save on salary expenses, and get more productive staff.

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