Do more with the same, or fewer, resources. Rely on QuickEasy BOS ERP to efficiently manage your business finances, distribution, manufacturing, sales, and people.


Do more with the same, or fewer, resources. Rely on QuickEasy BOS ERP to efficiently manage your business's finances, distribution, manufacturing, sales, and people.


Control all of your business, in one system.


Configured to match any transaction.


Grows with you, with minimal disruption.


Monthly subscriptions for more affordability.

BOS Enterprise has you covered

With BOS Enterprise you always know how your business is doing.

Sales and CRM

Handle prospecting, contacts, marketing, inquiries, quoting and orders.


Add components to an estimate or use a structured Estimate based on Services and Materials that are specific to the item in production.

Materials and Inventory

Enjoy a constant helicopter view of your materials and inventory, with sales orders and purchase orders on the same workflow.

Custom Estimates
BOS pro dashboard

Production Planning

Harness the simplicity of a manual production board with the processing power of a computer with BOS’s planning board.

Time Tracking

Link timekeeping to tracking codes, enter quantities and add notes.

Accounting and Reporting

Get everything you need for business accounting as well as full accounting reporting.

Cloud-based ERP for Eastern European businesses

Installed, trained, supported locally.

Our BOS Distribution Partner in Eastern Europe

eastern europe erp
vesco milkov

Vesco Milkov

Business Development Manager

Tel. +359 89 513 8843


ERP Software Consult EOOD (Ltd)

Sofia, Bulgaria

We are well positioned to efficiently service clients in Bulgaria and its surrounding countries, such as Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Poland and Czech Republic to name a few.

Pricing - Monthly subscriptions.


BOS License: EUR 45 per user (excl VAT).

What your monthly subscription includes.

  • No lock-ins or contracts; you get it all with your monthly subscription.
  • Immediate access to all modules
  • Friendly Helpdesk support
  • Access to upgrades
  • Paper price updates from all the regional and national paper suppliers.

Cloud Servers.


Monthly cost in EURO (excl VAT)




 M Server
 L Server
 XL Server
 2XL Server
 3XL Server
 4XL Server


Cloud User Licenses (excl. VAT)
Winflector @ EUR 4 per user/month

What is ERP software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of business software that joins daily business processes, such as inventory and order management, supply chain, accounting, procurement, production, and customer relationship management, into one system.

Why you need an ERP system

An ERP system is a central place for all your business data to be stored. It gives important insights into your company, and identifies areas that could be hampering productivity or profitability. Business stakeholders gain insight across the entire business for accurate decision-making and improved efficiency.


Why BOS Enterprise?

100% adaptable to your business. Designed to handle all the complexities of your business in one system - multi-branch, multi-currency, multi-warehousing, manufacturing in all it's forms, inventory control, estimating, management reports, PLUS, you get all modules immediately.

Some of our customers

These fine brands trust QuickEasy BOS to improve efficiency. You can too.

"Excellent software" - Anton Botha, CEO and Founder Bevan Printing Group

QuickEasy has made our lives easier with a system that is quick and controls all aspects of our business. It gives management the ability to follow all or individual jobs allowing bottleneck situations or poor performers to be highlighted.

"Stable and reliable" - John Bekker, FD USS Graphics

As the name implies - Quick and Easy! This software is easy to customize to our requirements. Stable, reliable and consistent functionality across all modules we employ.

"Reliable and easy to use" - Drikkie Visser, InterTekens

We have been dealing with Quickeasy for at least 10 years. This program has been an integral part of our success over the past 10 years. The system is reliable and easy to use.

"Call Centre is invaluable"  -  Jerome Morkel, Owner, Tandym Print

Tandym Print has used QuickEasy since 2010 for quotes, PO's, Delivery Notes, and Stock Control. Their solutions suit our company needs, and the call-centre is invaluable.

"Friendly and professional" - Victor van Dyk, FaserCom

The QuickEasy team's ability to customize the system to suit any business is one of their greatest strengths. The team is friendly, professional and always ready to help.

"Efficient, user friendly, practical solution" - Grant Benyon, Valmac Printers

At Valmac we find QuickEasy to be an efficient, user friendly, practical solution for our needs. We use BOS for estimating, stock control, costing, invoicing and scheduling.

"Complete software package" - Gary Lawrence, Fineline Printing

We wanted a complete software package to compliment our products and processes at Fineline Print Solutions. QuickEasy has worked with us to achieve our goals.

"An integral part of our success" - Kappa Engineering

We experienced growth, but that growth was not possible without the support of QuickEasy BOS. You formed an integral part of our success. Thank you for the outstanding service provided to Kappa Engineering and for making it a great year.

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