Complete cloud-based ERP for Eastern European businesses

Rely on QuickEasy BOS ERP to efficiently manage your business's finances, distribution, manufacturing, sales, and people.

QuickEasy Business Operating Software (BOS)

Your monthly subscription includes:

  • Immediate access to all modules
  • Friendly Helpdesk support
  • Access to upgrades
  • Paper price updates from all the regional and national paper suppliers.
  • No lock-ins or contracts; you get it all with your monthly subscription.


Price / Month (ex VAT)

BOS License

€ 45 / user

Cloud Services


Price / Month (ex VAT)


S Server

€ 45


M Server

€ 65


L  Server

€ 120


XL  Server

€ 220


User Access License

Price / Month (ex VAT)


€ 4 / user

QuickEasy Distribution Partners

Our team is dynamic, experienced, and ready to bring their expertise to your business. 

We are well positioned to efficiently service clients in Bulgaria and its surrounding countries, such as Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Poland and Czech Republic to name a few.

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