ERP for South African businesses

Why local is lekker.

South African Vs international ERP suppliers



Why an ERP solution in South Africa is better than international ERP suppliers

  • Locally built – We understand South African business, economics and challenges, and are proudly South African.
  • Locally supported – You don’t have to wait for international support times. Get great support when you need it.
  • Locally priced – Why pay dollars or pounds when you can get the same value, and more, in Rands.

A South African ERP solution with a strong South African work ethic: it works hard, and quietly gets on with the job.

  • All your business operations in one system
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Powerful reporting
  • Protect your investment
  • Estimate and quote accurately and quickly
  • Manage production across all stages with clarity
  • Improve efficiency across all channels and remove bottlenecks
  • Check that your staff is productive
  • Manage your hours and your inventory with ease
  • Invoice professionally and in half the time
  • Enjoy full control over your financials

 Supporting local businesses

For a stronger South Africa.

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