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Your journey with BOS towards better efficiency is about to begin.

You've made the right choice. QuickEasy BOS is an investment in the longevity of your business.

Improve lead management.
If your sales rep is not capturing their leads, you will lose all their data when they leave. BOS keeps all prospects, leads and customers on your own database – locking those potential earnings forever into your business.
Improve purchasing.
Considering that a manufacturer’s purchases easily make up 40% of turnover, even a small improvement in buying causes you to recover your monthly subs, and more.
Improve sales and conversions.
If you do not quote quickly and accurately and follow up on quotes on time,  you are losing jobs. At just one extra small job per month and you have recovered your monthly subs, and gained a happy customer.
Reduce human error.
With QuickEasy BOS there is zero risk of duplication, at any point in the process, protecting your business and your investment.
More efficient production.
Even a small improvement in production management, justifies the affordable monthly subscriptions against the streamlined and improved production capacity, and your bottom line.
Reduce cost of staff.
QuickEasy BOS radically improves efficiency, and reduces overall time to produce an accurate quote or manage admin, so you save on salary expenses, and get more productive staff.

Getting started is easy.

First things first

Our business agents will contact you to discuss what your business frustrations are. Then we’ll see how we can help.

Quick installation

Once BOS has been customised to perfectly fit your business (this process varies from business to business), the actual installation is quick. You will be up and running in one or two days.

Easy learning

You and your team will learn how to use our easy business software through our training and documentation.

 BOS for every business

Simple or complex, single-user or multi-user, the sky is the limit.

Business software for every industry, in any country.

QuickEasy BOS is customised to perfectly fit your business model. We spend time to better understand your business, and then customise the back-end of the software so that it is easy-to-use and efficient on the front-end.

That means, no matter what the industry, no matter what product, no matter what the workflow, no matter what the location, QuickEasy BOS perfectly adapts.

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