Job tracking - Scanners vs. touch screen

Barcode scanners work great where only one piece of data is required from the scan, e.g. tracking items that pass a certain point. For factory floor Job-tracking to provide meaningful data, however, you need to capture at least four pieces of data: the Workticket No, Operator, Cost Centre, Product Code (Service). QuickEasy Software includes a touch screen Job Tracker which is far superior to a barcode scanning system for the following reasons:

Speed - Using a barcode scanning system, you would need to scan the barcode on the Workticket and then scan at least three additional charts to capture the remaining data. You can capture that data much faster by punching it into a touch screen and you don't need to reprint charts every time the data that needs to be scanned is updated.

Feedback - The only feedback a barcode scanner gives you is a beep, which is easy to miss in a noisy factory. This could in turn lead to double scanning an item resulting in garbage data. A touch-screen gives you visual feedback which is not compromised by noise in the factory.

Hardware cost - A barcode station (computer + barcode scanner) costs the same, if not more, than a touch screen station if one considers the vast number of touch screen devices that are available today. e.g. an Ipad or Android tablet.

Additional information - How does a barcode system show you the next job in the queue? How do you capture quantities using a barcode scanner? How many sheets were run? How many plates were used? How many items were assembled? On a touch screen interface you simply punch in the numbers in when prompted to do so.

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