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We build long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients, based on respect, experience and a deep understanding of their business goals and frustrations. Through regular consultations, meetings and on-site support and training, our agents show our genuine desire to see your business grow.

The helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always available to answer your telephonic and email inquiries. Julian and Alexis are experts in QuickEasy BOS, and love what they do. Find out more about them here.

Your QuickEasy subscription includes Helpdesk support by telephone, e-mail, Skype and Teamviewer. Contact details are:

Note: For your security, the Helpdesk team is not allowed to bypass user settings or install software to access the database directly. For example, if our staff need to edit a Report using Teamviewer, they need to be provided with a user login where access to editing Reports is allowed and if our staff need to access the database using Flamerobin, they need to do it from a computer where Flamerobin is already installed.

julian moshoeshoe

Julian Moshoeshoe

Phone: 087 820 7272

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Gail Williams

Phone: 087 820 7272

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Training and other support.

On-site training

Our friendly business agents offer on-site support and training throughout most of South Africa including Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal.

Find out more about our business consultants here.

Find out more about pricing here.

If you’d like a business consultant to come to your premises for further support and training, please click here to request a consultation.

Remote support and training

Using the secure, password-protected Teamviewer platform, our consultants can install and train you and your team remotely. This is charged at a lower rate than onsite training. Find out more about pricing here.

Teamviewer downloaddownload teamviewer.

BOS documentation

Want to know more about the software and how it works? Our extensive online documentation can will have what you’re looking for, and can be accessed by clicking the following link:

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