Production management

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Overview of production management

Production management is the practice of co-ordinating, directing and overseeing the manufacture of goods in a factory or another type of production facility where a request comes in as an approved estimate or quote, and a product / service comes out the other, at the lowest cost possible, within the time frame required.

In other words, production management involves application of planning, organising, directing and controlling the production process.

When jobs are queued for production against the capacity of the factory or production setting, the best way to schedule and structure this production to ensure deadlines are met is with the Planning Board.

Benefits of a planning board for effective production management

  • The planning board summary view ensures the cost centres remain loaded
  • The job level overview ensures jobs are delivered on time
  • Task due dates automatically calculate from the job due date
  • Use drag-and-drop for easy updates to a constantly-changing production plan
  • Colour-mapping visually identifies job status and progress


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