BOS cloud hosting

Stay connected to your business, keep your data safe, even when the lights go off.

BOS cloud hosting

Stay connected to your business, keep your data safe, even when the lights go off.

Cloud hosting platforms like Amazon Web Services, have become great equalisers in IT over the past several years. They’ve availed complex n-tier system architectures with robust fault tolerances and contingencies, once only accessible to deep pocketed enterprises, for mere pennies on the hour.

However, many small and medium sized businesses overlook or resist these offerings, assuming they are too expensive, too complicated, or they simply discount them as over-engineering for their ‘simple’ web serving needs.

We couldn’t disagree more! Hosting in the cloud provides the opportunity to have a responsive, scalable, fault tolerant web application at any budget.

The Benefits of Cloud Servers.

Office anywhere

Work from any tablet or pc with an internet connection running Windows, Apple, IOS, Android or Linux.

Immediate support

BOS cloud access means we can offer immediate real-time support by remotely accessing your system –  so you are always operational and supported.

Fast updates

No more waiting around for annual upgrades; the latest version of BOS is available as soon as it is released. You get upgrades instantly, without disruption to your day.


Easy compartmentalisation of resources by function for easy scalability, management, and resource segmentation.

Stay productive

Access BOS from any location – ideal for companies with many branches, or staff members working remotely. You can always see what your team is working on.

Better data integrity

No more data corruptions due to power failures. Aggressive software security measures keeps the integrity of data sound.

Flexible for growth

BOS cloud is amazingly flexible as you only pay for the server and infrastructure that you need for peak or off-peak trade. No server crashes. No lost business.

Always on

BOS cloud maintains a 99.99% uptime. Plus, the data centre is set up to run up to three days without mainstream power.

Save on IT costs

Enjoy a 15% reduction in IT spending and maintenance when hosting on the cloud. Say goodbye to your monthly IT maintenance contracts and licence fees.

Save on expenses

Cloud is like ‘pay as you go’ but for servers, so you get the full benefit of our robust and secure data centre, plus ease of setup and management, all for an affordable monthly subscription

Save on insurance

BOS servers are offsite in a highly secure data centre, sparing you the cost of insuring against theft and fire on your premises.

Act bigger

Moving to the cloud gives small businesses access to enterprise-class technology. BOS means small businesses can run with the big boys, and disrupt the market, while remaining lean and agile.

A Comparison of the Costs of Local Servers Vs Cloud Servers.

We enquired with several local IT support companies for their server support and maintenance costs, and asked a respected insurance company what they would charge to insure a R25,000 server. Then we compared it to Cloud Hosting.

Here's what we found.

Savings of up to 75% on costs!


Local Server @ R4,925 p/mCloud Server @ R1,039 p/m
 Purchase R25,000 over 3 years R900 Cloud Server running Server 2016 R799
 Maintenance / Support R850 4x Winflector Licenses  (Application Server) R240
 Firewall R1200
 Remote support R1000
 Backups R850
 Insurance R125

Allow us to Address Some Concerns about Cloud Hosting.

  • What if I loose control of my data? With Cloud hosting, you have 100% control, and access any time of the day, no matter where you are. As long as there's internet, you can access all your data, any time of the day or night.


  • What about data leaks or hacks? BOS servers are offsite in a highly secure data centre, regularly updated to counter security breaches.


  • I'm nervous about the risk of data corruption or loss. There are no more data corruptions due to power failures in our state of the art data centre. Aggressive software security measures keeps the integrity of data sound.

Get Started - Its so Easy to Switch Over.

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BOS cloud is the way forward.