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QuickEasy's Implementation Methodology

QuickEasy's Implementation Methodology

The Challenges in ERP Implementation

  1. Most ERP implementations are large, complex and expensive
  2. They can drain a large portion of yearly IT budget
  3. It encompasses multiple business units and departments, so deliverables are very high
  4. They can be known to run over budget and above scheduled completion time


The Four Goals of Our Implementation Methodology

At BOS we have clearly defined goals for serving you. These are the standards and goals for every implementation project:

  1. To provide structure and communication guidelines
  2. To properly define the scope to ensure successful development and implementation
  3. To minimise risk and maximise project predictability and repeatability
  4. To promote successful adoption of the new ERP system in the business
Business systems

7 Step Implementation Methodology for BOS Professional

The Predefined Method

This methodology is a more predefined methodology, and uses the following steps:


10 Step Implementation Methodology for BOS Enterprise

The Turnkey Method

This methodology is the Turnkey methodology because it is more client-process driven.  This methodology uses the following steps: