Run-on prices

Run-on prices are generally used to enable customers to manually calculate the price of quantities which are not included on a quote letter. For instance, if the price for a quantity of 1,000 is R543 and the run-on price for 1,000 is R55, then the price for a quantity of 3,000 can be calculated as R543 + (2xR55) = R653.

Theoretically, therefore, by quoting on one fixed quantity as well as on a run-on quantity, you are giving your client a quotation with which they can calculate the price for any quantity. So one could argue that the only reason run-on prices are used is because most estimating systems are limited to only three quantities per quotation.

Because of several mathematical challenges, run-on prices are seldom accurate, however. In addition run-on prices are often misunderstood by clients – the most common mistake being that clients assume the same job will be charged at the run-on price when it is reprinted at a later stage.

QuickEasy Estimating allows you to calculate an unlimited number of quantities on one quotation which completely eliminates the need for confusing run-on prices.

Using QuickEasy BOS you are able to send your clients a price list with hundreds of quantities as easily as you are able to send a quotation for only three quantities using competitive systems.


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