Templates and Design


QuickEasy Software allows you to create and update document templates. This module can be accessed from Main Menu > Utilities > QuickEasy Form Designer.

You can access the form designer under User Settings > Other Settings > QuickEasy Form Designer - Access Allowed.

The QuickEasy Form Designer is a component that was created by Digital Metaphors.

A tutorial on how to use Reportbuilder can be downloaded from this link - Learning ReportbuilderLearning ReportBuilder is a complete learning system designed to teach end users how to build a range of reports. This system includes a 125-page PDF file, a stand-alone application complete with a database, and a help file.

QuickEasy Form Designer

The QuickEasy Form Designer provides the tools to create and update document templates. The interface consists of

  • Main Menu - links to all the functions
  • Design / Preview tabs - Allows you to toggle between Design view and Preview.
  • Toolbars
  • Report Tree - Displays all the components used on a template in a tree view.
  • Properties - Displays the properties for the selected component
  • Design Panel
  • Data Tree - Displays a list of all the available Data Pipelines and their corresponding fields. Fields can be dragged onto the design panel and will be displayed according to the settings in the Layout tab.
  • Status Bar - Displays information about the selected component and provides Zoom functionality

Links to free software

Images - Paint.Net

Vector Drawings - Inkscape