What is ERP?

Find out what all the fuss is about.

Some good uses of ERP


Overview of ERP

As an ERP provider to South African businesses for over 18 years, we often get asked ‘What is ERP?’

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is business software that gives business owners or senior management information and control into all aspects of the running and operations of that business.

What is ERP software good for?

  • Integrates ‘silo’ business functions into one system
  • Automates a lot of admin back-office functionality
  • Allows business owners to allocate resources more efficiently
  • Gives powerful reporting insight into a business, from sales, production and staff productivity to profit and overall business growth
  • Improves efficiency at every point
  • Improves profitability by giving you insight into spoilage and waste
  • Combats ‘patchwork’ growth of ad-hoc software additions
  • Gives senior management more clarity and control
  • Makes your customers happier due to integrated CRM, sales and service functionality
  •  Connect your business

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